Press Conference |  MSC SeaSide Celebrations

Press Conference | MSC SeaSide Celebrations

Trieste Info Point today staged the initial celebration of Fincantieri’s new 150,000 grosse tonne MSC cruise liner, SeaSide, that will have its inaugural voyage from Trieste on 1st December. The ship is the largest cruise liner produced in Italy, following a long line of Adriatic passenger vessels dating back to the Thalia that first provided services in the region from 1907.

Maurizio Bucci , Trieste Tourism Consillor together with Trieste Mayor Roberto DiPiazza hosted Fincantieri staff , Italian Association of Naval Techniques Atena and University of Trieste academics to present details of the new vessel.

Supported by Pro Loco Trieste  and served by local vineyard owner Andre Bole and Caffe' degli Specchi, the launch will be followed by a conference on 23rdNovember at the Verdi Theatre and the arrival of the Sea Side on 29th November, before it departs on 1st December.

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